Apr 2, 2019

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Feb 5, 2018
*NEW* Child Care Change Report form now available on our website.
Oct 13, 2017
The Family and Individual Services Unit has been renamed Public Assistance in order to be more aligned with the services provided to the public
Aug 21, 2017

Kenynia Howard was indicted by a Sandusky County Grand Jury and pled guilty to theft and Medicaid eligibility fraud.           

Jul 22, 2015

The Sandusky County Department of Job and Family Services along with the eight counties listed below implemented a call center know as COLLABOR8. These nine (9) JFS Departments share a telephone and imaging system between counties to service public assistance consumers.

Nov 7, 2012
Child Support Web Portal Now Available

Child Care Services

What is it?

The child care program provides assistance to eligible parents who use child care services while they work, attend school, or attend approved work training programs.

Who is eligible?

Assistance is available for parents who are Sandusky County residents and who meet financial eligibility standards.

How does someone apply?

If you are interested in applying for child care, call (419) 332-2169 or (419) 334-3891 Monday-Friday 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m. and request a child care application be sent to you.  In addition, Child Care applications are available from our reception desk, casemanagers, and Certified Type B child care providers. If a customer requests a Child care application to be mailed to him/her, it is mailed on the same day the request is received by the agency. We accept child care applications that are faxed, dropped off, or mailed to the agency.

If you would like to print your own application to submit to us, Child Care Application (English), Solicitud Para Beneficios de Cuidado Menores.

If Spanish is your primary language, Sandusky County DJFS has several bilingual Spanish speaking casemanagers on staff to help with the child care application process.

Program Information:
  • County payment is limited to the times that you need child care during school, work, or training, with an additional allowance for travel time.

  • If approved for this program, you will be given a list of certified child care providers who are authorized to receive payment from the county for child care services.

  • You will need to provide proof of at least one month's current gross income.

  • A face to face interview is not required.

  • Your application may pend for 30 days from the date it is received by this agency. You are responsible for child care until approval is made. You will be notified in writing of the decision made on your application.

  • You will be required to pay a weekly fee for child care services based on your income and family size. This fee is paid directly to your child care provider. Copayment Chart

Child Care Provider Options:

There are several different types of child care providers authorized by the Sandusky County Department of Job & Family Services to provide child care. These include:

  • Licensed Child Care Centers - Licensed by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services for 13 or more children.

  • Licensed Type A Child Care Homes - Licensed by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services tp provide care for 7-12 children in the child care provider's own home.

  • Type B Child care Homes - Certified by the Sandusky County Department of Job & Family Services to provide care for 1-6 children in the child care provider's own home.

It is your choice as to which type of child care provider you use.

  • Please note that the Sandusky County Department of Job and Family Services currently contracts the Publicly Funded Child Care Program to Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (formerly WSOS).
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