Jul 22, 2015

The Sandusky County Department of Job and Family Services along with the eight counties listed below implemented a call center know as COLLABOR8. These nine (9) JFS Departments share a telephone and imaging system between counties to service public assistance consumers.

Aug 29, 2013

A Sandusky County Grand Jury recently indicted Fremont resident, Kelly Provonsha, on charges of tampering with records and grand theft.

Nov 7, 2012
Child Support Web Portal Now Available


Medicaid cards cover prescriptions for Medicaid approved medications, with a few exceptions. A Family Planning Services card ONLY covers prescriptions related to Family Planning, such as birth control. A QMB card does not cover any medications. If you have Medicare Part D, Medicaid will only cover prescriptions NOT covered by Medicare. Even if you have a co-pay for a Medicare covered prescription, Medicaid will not cover the balance of the cost. Medicare Part D is issued through Social Security. For details on Medicare Part D, see If there is a medication that you need and discover that it is not Medicaid approved, please contact your physician to see if he/she can prescribe a Medicaid covered medication or to see if he/she can submit information to Columbus to have the medication approved.

Ohio Medicaid Drug List

If you do not have a Medicaid card and are in emergent need of medicine, you can come into the agency for a prescription referral from Share and Care. (Funds are limited; therefore, you can only receive this help once a year with a maximum benefit of $50). Remember to bring either your prescription bottle or paper with you. Below are links to prescription assistance websites.


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